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Light Storm S90

Peak beam intensity:    20,000,000 cd ★World Record★
Range:                           9,000 m
Beam divergence          0.5°- 25°
Bezel diameter:             160 mm
Housing diameter:        150 mm
Length:                          280 mm
Weight:                         4.5 kg
working temperature:  -33℃ - +55℃

Power supply:              12 - 28 V external DC input

                                    or battery pack

A 45W torchlight that puts out an ultra-bright beam with a record-setting throw of 9,000 meters. Combining state-of-the-art optical engineering and a customized solid-state light source, Light Storm S90 features:
◎ Multi-mode operation: Strobe, high, and 10%-100% dimming, selectable by the pressing and holding of a single button
◎ Remote motorized focusing and user-definable mode control via an RS232 interface
◎ An external DC power port and an optional battery pack
◎ An optional Picatinny rail cover for gun/vehicle mounting, and an optional handle for hand-held operation
◎ A sturdy aerospace-grade aluminum alloy housing with a HAIII military-grade hard-anodized finish that ensures rugged and reliable performance under extreme conditions.
Ideal for military and law enforcement applications, this searchlight is also a might-have for civilian security professionals and hardcore outdoor enthusiasts.



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