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Challenger H5

Peak beam intensity:    50,000 cd

Distance:                      450 m(as per ANSI/NEMA FL-1)

Beam divergence:        40°

Bezel diameter:            76 mm
Housing diameter:       47 mm
Length:                         178 mm
Weight:                        670 g (including battery pack)
Working temperature: -20℃ - +70℃
Power supply:              K3S-X rechargeable battery pack (3*3400 mAh)
                                    or K6S rechargeable battery pack (6*3400 mAh)

Designed to work in flood mode only, Challenger H5 puts out a whopping 3,000 lumens via 7 high efficient LEDs. Some of its unique features include:
◎ Multi-mode operation: High, medium, low, strobe, and standby, selectable via a mode selection ring
◎ Efficient heat dissipation via a built-in water-proof fan to keep the housing cool
◎ Optional K6 rechargeable battery pack to double the run time
◎ A sturdy aerospace-grade aluminum alloy housing with a HAIII military-grade hard-anodized finish that ensures rugged and reliable performance under extreme conditions and is waterproof up to 10 m of submersion.
Potential application scenarios: military and law enforcement operations, search and rescue missions, photographing, snorkeling, hiking, hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities.



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