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Light Wall SP750

Brightnes                     50,000 lm

Range:                          2,500 m

Bezel square length:    147 mm

Housing diameter:       113 mm

Length:                         255 mm

Weight:                        2.8 kg

Working temperature:  -40℃ - +60℃

Waterproof:                  IP55

Power supply:               24 v or 48 v DC power or K34 portable battery bank

Combining the power of multiple LEDs this light-weight, ultra-bright  floodlight puts out a whopping 50,000 lm with additional IR light available as an option.  Other features of the SP750 scene light include:

Multi-mode operation: Strobe, high, and 10%-100% dimming, selectable with the press (and hold) of a single button 

Computerized mode control via an RS-232 interface 

A handle for hand-held operation, a Picatinny rail cover for weapon mounting, and a folding mast for free standing lighting solutions

A sturdy aerospace-grade aluminum alloy housing with a HAIII military-grade hard-anodized finish that ensures rugged and reliable performance under extreme conditions. 

The ultra-bright scene light series is ideal for mining, firefighting, military operations, law enforcement, riot control, border security, search and rescue etc. It proves to be a great asset for any field operations and professional outdoor activities.


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