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Optispike S50

Peak beam intensity:      7,562,500 cd

Range:                            5,500 m

Beam divergence:           1.0°- 15°(Main light)

Bezel diameter:               106 mm
Housing diameter:          122 mm
Length:                            270 mm
Weight:                           3 kg ( with batteries)
Working temperature:   -25℃ - +55℃

Water resistance:            IP67

Power supply:                 12V - 28 V external DC input

                                       or K6 battery bank

With a range of 5.5 km and a remarkably slim design, OptiSpike S50 is the ideal hand-held or vehicle mounted searchlight for long range searching, rescue, patrol, surveillance.  It is also a reliable directional light for heavy machine guns, grenade machine guns, anti-equipment rifles, long range camera, long range acoustic device. 

Combining state-of-the-art optical engineering and a customized solid-state light source, S50 features:

Multi-modeoperation: Strobe, high, 30%-100% dimming, and IR

Remote motorized focusing and mode control via either the hand controller or the RS232 serial port

An optional IR module with customizable wavelength and divergence

An detachable K6 battery bank or external 12 V-28 V DC power port as the power supply

A handle (with a built-in mode controller) for hand-held operation and an integrated Picatinny rail cover for gun mounting

10,000 hours life-time of light source and the reasonable maintenance 

A sturdy aerospace-gradealuminum alloy housing with a HAIII military-grade hard-anodized finish thatensures rugged and reliable performance under harsh conditions and is water resistant


Meeting all military and industry specifications (including IP67, shock resistant, drop resistant), this searchlight S50 is ideal for military, law enforcement, police, border security, maritime security and other professional applications.



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