Reference / Warranty



I.             MicroFire Limited Warranty:
a) Lamp assemblies (HID bulbs): 30 days (broken by mis-operation or drop excluded)
The rechargeable batteries: 90 days
c) Chargers and electronic parts: 1 year
d) Non-rechargeable flashlights excluding lamp assemblies (Bulbs): 2 years
e) Note: Warranty covers material and manufacturing defects only. 

II.            MicroFire rights and liabilities:
a) As a non-retail original manufacturer, MicroFire does not accept any direct Warranty claims from individual customers.
b) Any complaints of the buyer shall only be considered if received from the distributors / dealers of MicroFire, and buyer's warranty claims are limited to rectification or replacement at our choice. Liability for consequential damages is excluded.
c) MicroFire’s contractual or tortiuous liability for damages of any kind is excluded.

III.           MicroFire rights on Designs:
a) MicroFire®  is a Trademark owned by MicroFire Technology Co., Ltd. The company reserves all rights on design of MicroFire flashlights, Li-ion batteries, charger and any accessories. 

            b) The company reserves the right to change design and specifications of all MicroFire products without prior notice.