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PTL2 LED flashlight

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Output / Runtime      600 lm @ 1.5 hours(Full brightness)
                                 300 lm @ 6 hours(50% power)
                                 120 lm @ 22 hours(20% power)
                                 600 lm @ 3 hours(Tactical strobe)
Beam divergence       3°- 28° adjustable
Bezel diameter             54mm
Housing diameter         42mm
Length                      170.3 - 185.8mm
Weight                    430g including battery


Delivering a far-reaching beam up to 1000 meters, from a slim ergonomics body, PTL2 is a long-range shooter adopted the genuine US advanced flat lens  LED and Microfire professional optical system.

The amazing features included :
1, Long distance throwing: Can throw up to 1000 meters long distance.

 The candlepower of this new light can reach to 250,000 candela.

2, Focus adjustment: 

Just twisting the bezel of the light slightly to change the focus.  It can meet 

with either long distance exploring or close distance searching needs.

3, Long runtime: 

The light can run about 90 minutes at full power driven by using 2 units 18650 rechargeable battery and it can run more than 22 hours on  low brightness level.

4, Delicate appearance design makes it to be a good hand ergonomics light. 

Small size can make this light very convenient for wearing in a holster on a gun belt or other body attachment position.