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M2C Multi-colour LED flashlight

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Output/ Runtime:

Red          51  lumens @  2hrs (high or strobe);                  Green      100 lumens  @  1.5hrs(high or strobe);  

                 10 lumens @  20hrs(low).                                                          5  lumens @  20hrs(low).  


Blue          30 lumens  @  1.5hrs(high or strobe);               White       340 lumens @  1.5hrs(high or strobe);

                   30 lumens @ 20hrs(low).                                                        3 lumens @  20hrs(low).  



(with reflector):

                               White-185.5m;         Blue-114m;       Red-104m;        Green-162m

(with lens assembly):

                                White-286m;            Blue-177m;       Red-209m;        Green-256m  



(with reflector):

                        Bezel: ¢45mm  Housing:¢25.4mm Length: 143.7mm

(with lense assembly):

                        Bezel:¢51mm  Housing:¢ 25.4mm Length: 146.3mm

Beam divergence adjustable:   
(with lense assembly)



M2C has a new version with a spectrum combination of white,red,ultra violet and infrared.

Like the former version M2C, four separate LEDs are set on a PCB. You can get a centered even beam in every spectrum by revolving bezel assembly.And it has four brightness modes.  The highest brightness of white mode is 270 lm and the throw is 286 meters.  Meanwhile, the flashlight can last for 20 hours in energy saving mode.For different circumstance, you can otain suitable brightness modes via revolving the mode selecting ring on the neck.

M2C has two versions of bezels. One is coating reflector and it is useful in outdoors. The other is innovative Lens-assembly bezel  with beam divergence from 6.5degree to 40 degree. You can choose it for hunting as a must focused beam with a range of 286 meters.  

Besides ANSI/NEMA FL-1,M2C is produced as per the military specification. It can work at temperature from -40 degree to 67 degree,passed the drop test from a height of 1.5 meters and is waterproof in a depth of 20 meters. 

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