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About Us



About us

Flashlight is an important friend for a man during his growth. When the danger is coming with dark, nothing will be more dependable than a good flashlight.


Never stop pursuing high quality and good performance, MicroFire manufactures the best tactical flashlights for customers.


MicroFire all lines are patent protected, designed with high flexible convertibility for multiple purposes missions select. With the genuine accessories, the MicroFire flashlights can run the peak performance and enhance their capacity to help us fighting with horror, and then finding the beautiful amazing views hided in darkness


The excellent MicroFire R&D team could specially design superior tactical illumination tools from the finger size to the compact illuminators with ultra bright 15,000 lumens beam.


We will bring more revolutionary illumination tools with big enthusiasm and pioneering spirit!



Our contact:
MicroFire Technology Company, Ltd. 

1st/Floor, R & D Building, No.25
 Keji North No. 2 Road, north High-tech Industrial Park
 Shenzhen, 518057 China

Tel: +86 - 755 - 2699 4678
Fax: +86 - 755 - 2699 4602
E_mail: info@microfire-system.com